Boogie Boys - You Ain't Fresh

This Harlem based group has an often misunderstood history. The Boogie Boys originally are Keith Short (Kool Ski) and William Stroman (Boogie Knight). They battled Pernellio and Crew at the popular IS 201 128th and Madison Avenue to get their first record deal with Mike and Dave Records. The song was called "Rappin Aint No Thang" and was mixed live by Crash Crew D.J. Darryl C with three records (Eagles, Johnny The Fox and E.U. Freeze). Following this song (which was #1 locally in NYC) they quickly became Manhattan's top duo performing various clubs including Harlem World, Celebrity Club, Audubon Ballroom, T-Connection, Disco Connection and Ecstacy Garage Disco.
Rap / Hip Hop